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The Champagne Jam.

I dont get mad I get stabby

11 January
Things im into:
Artist: Aaron Kraten, Ahren Hertel, AJ Fosik, Alex Gross, Alex Pardee, Amanda Vissell, Amy Sol, Ana Bagayan, Andy Kehoe, Angie Mason, Anne Faith Nicholls, Annie Owens, Anthony Pontius, Attaboy, Audrey Kawasaki, Banksy, Bethany Marchman, Bigfoot, Blaine Fontana, Bob Dob, Brandi Milne, Brandt Peters, Buff Monster, Camille Rose Garcia, Casey Burns, Catalina Estrada, Chris Recarddi, Chris Von Steiner, Chris Yormick, Colette Calascione, Colin Johnson, Damon Soule, Dan Quintana, David Stoupakis, Dennis Hayes IV, Doze Green, Erik Alos, Erik Otto, Evan B. Harris, Fafi, Fawn Earth Gehweiler, Frank Kozik, Gary Baseman, Glenn Barr, Greg Simkins, James Jean, James Naccarato, Jason Maloney, Jason Sho Green, Jeff Claassen, Jeff Soto, Jeremiah Ketner, Jeremy Fish, Joe Ledbetter, Joe Sorren, Joe Vaux, John Casey, John John Jesse, Johnathan Weiner, Jophein Stein, Josh Keyes, Josh Taylor, Joshua Clay, Joshua Krause, Joshua Petker, Julie West, Junko Mizuno, Kathie Olivas, Kevin Peterson, Koralie, Korin Faught, Kris Lewis, Kris Kuksi, Kristen Ferrell, Kukula, Leia Bell, Lilly Piri, Liz McGrath, Lola, Lori Earley, Luke Chueh, M. Maraian’s Inky Dreadfuls, Marion Peck, Mark Ryden, MARS-1, Matthew Bone, Michael Michael Motorcycle, Miss Van, Mitch O’Connell, Molly Crabapple, Natalia Fabia, Nathan Spoor, Neckface, Niagra, Nouar, Ray Caesar, Richard J. Frost, Robert Hardgrave, Ron English, Ryan Bubnis, Sarah Joncas, Sas Christian, Scott Brooks, Scott Musgrove, Scott Saw, Sean Christopher, Shag, Shepard Fairey, Skot Olsen, Sylvia Ji, Tara McPherson, Thinkmule, Thomas Han, Tiffany Rose, Tim Biskup, Tim McCormick, Timothy Cummings, Travis Louie, Xiaoqing Ding, Zeloot, Zoso.

Movies: 25th Hour, Beetle Juice,The Big Lebowski, Big Trouble in Little China, The Breakfast Club, Breakin', Breakin' 2: Electric Bugaloo, Buffalo 66, The Burbs, Cry-Baby, Dazed and Confused, Drop Dead Fred, Garden State, The Goonies, Grease, Great Balls of Fire, High Fidelity, Howard the Duck, I Heart the Huckabee's, La Bamba, The Life Aquatic, Meet The Feebles, The Monster Squad, Natural Born Killers, Pecker, Poolhall Junkies, Requiem For A Dream, Reservoir Dogs, Rock N Roll High School, The Sandlot, Saving Sliverman, Shag the Movie, Serial Mom, Stand By Me, True Romance, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Wet Hot American Summer, Willow.

Music: Andrew Wk, Atom and His Package, At The Drive In, Beastie, Boys, Beck, Bombshell Rocks, The Bouncing Souls, Buddy Holly, The Cars, CCR, The Damned, Descendents, The Eagles Of Death Metal, Elecrtic Eel Shock, Elvis, The Eyeliners, The Faint, The Groovie Ghoulies, Hayden, The Horror Pops, Interpol, Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash, Kind of Like Spitting, Lars Fredricksen and the Bastards, The Living End, Lovage, Lou Reed, Millencolin, Minus The Bear, Modey Lemon, The Moldy Peaches, Mr. T Experience, Murder City Devils, Nekromantix, Neutral Milk Hotel, Operation Ivy, Patsy Cline, Queen, The Ramones, Rancid, The Refreshments, The Rentals, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, Rocket From The Crypt, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Roy Orbison, Sage Francis, The Shins, Social Distortion, Tom Petty, The Transplants, Wanda Jackson, Wu-Tang Clan, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

People: Ansel Adams, Bill Murray, David Cross, George Carlin, Jason Lee, John Waters, Martin Lawrence, Mike Ness, Patton Oswalt, Quentin Tarantino, Ryan Dunn, Sarah Sliverman, Time Burton, Wes Anderson, Woody Allen.

Televison: Adventures of Pete and Pete, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Arrested Development, Comedy Central, Conan O'Brien, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Dawson's Creek, Family Guy, Freaks and Geeks, I Love Lucy, Jeopardy, Kids In The Hall, Mr. Show, My So-Called Life, Old School Nintendo, Reno 911!, Rock N Roll Jeopardy, Rocko's Modern Life, The Simpson's, SNL, Strangers With Candy, Welcome Back Kotter.
adventures, art, awesome people, beer, being content, bitches and hoes, black and white photography, board games, bookstores, breaking things, calvin and hobbes, childhood photos, coffee, coincidences, coloring, comedy, comfortable silence, connection, creating, creativity, cuddling, curiosties, cynicism, daydreams, diet coke, dogs, doodling, drinking water, driving around, drunkaloneyians, ducks, ego crushing, flip-flops, flowers, french fries, freudian slips, friends, fucking shit up, garage sales, glacier national park, good times, hair pulling, handbags, hiking, hoodies, hooligans, humor, imagination, inappropriate laughter, individuality, inside jokes, intelligence, interior design, ireland, irony, kissing, knowledge, laughing, lemonade, losing track of time, lowbrow, making out, making up words, mark ryden, mike and ikes, naps, natural disasters, nintendo, oldies music, open-mindedness, originality, people watching, photography, pillows, pinup girls, pirates, pop surrealism, pulp, pulp fiction art, quietly observing my surroundings, quirkiness, rain, randomness, relaxation, road trips, rock n roll, sarcasm, satisfaction, scarves, sharpies, simplicity, singing in the car, sledding, sleeping, smart asses, smoking trees, spontaneity, staying in hotels, stencils, stimulating conversations, strawberries, street art, surprises, taking chances, target, tea, thrift stores, thumb wars, thunderstorms, truth, unexpected phonecalls, unintentional humor, unnoticed things, vintage, weirdness., whiskey, winter, wit, wondering, writing